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Go with the Sluggo Tammy it's better for you but not the slugs. I have been following this thread and thinking I know I have slugs, and probably a lot of them. Just haven't gone out at night to see the real infestation in action. I went out this morning to do something and noticed a 3-4 inch slug crawling up my house I dispatched him right before I walked into a huge web. Yeah we have some huge 'ol spiders here as well, lots of them. :shock:

I am going to look for something I can use to do a beer bath for them right now. I have plenty of beer for the lot of us, the slugs and myself. :) I'm interested how many I can get that way. Plus I just put down 50 lbs. of salt in my garden that should get rid of 'em.

Just kidding on the salt that would get rid of my garden as well. :wink:


I am a bricklayer, we have tons of sand (literally) on the jobsite, I should bring some home for there little soft bellys. :twisted: Plus it will be good for my garden, or should I say clay field. I could make better brick out of my soil than tomatoes. :(

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Tammy42 wrote:Thanks Diane on the advice for the slugo, think I will mosy down to a local gardening place tommorrow and see if I can't find some. I was at teo places today- Lowe's and Ace Haedware with no luck. I glad I am not the only problem with slug problems, so far so good tonight, only those two. I also did something, and hope it works, is I spread salt around the containers, because I know they don't like salt!!! So far so good!!! Have gone out there a couple of times nothing!!!! I know what you mean about slugs and eating leaves, making them look like swiss cheese!!! While I was staking the peas, I found leaves that looked like swiss cheese!! I don't want themtaking down my 5 foot pea plants!!!! Tammy
I just read the other slug/snail link and someone there posted a utube link about slugs. She is an organic gardener and at the end of her film it said sluggo (and a few others) was approved by the organic garden something or other.

I'm careful about chemicals, even inside my home, so I was happy to see that. If something says fatal if swallowed I never buy it.
All the stores near me ran out because with so much rain the population exploded.
I never see dead slugs. They must sliver off to their hiding places to die.
Tammy, I hope you find some.

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