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Potato harvesting

Good day all~

It seems now that several veggies in my garden have grown I keep finding out I really do not know what to do with many of these so I continue to ask questions here. Thank goodness for this forum as I have had much advice and suggestions!
My question for today is regarding potatoes. I have planted yukon gold and also red potatoes. Only a few of the red potatoes had some flowers on them. The plants on all seem to not be as green and hearty now as they did say a week or so ago. Does the plant need to go into bloom then wither before the potato is ready to harvest? What if the plants do not go into bloom?

Thank you and have a happy day~

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I let mine die off completely then I will leave them in the ground for a few days. Once I dig them I will leave them on top of the soil in the sun for a few hours to dry off. I would not worry too much about the flowers. Sometimes they have a lot and sometimes they don't.

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