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Hi I'm looking for a green bean that my mom calls purple tips. Has anyone ever heard of it :?: I am thinking it has another name but not for sure. That is the best green bean I have ever ate. :!: The hule is green with a purple tip on the end that hangs away from the vine, :arrow: This bean is a pole bean. The bean is white.

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I have not heard of this bean but, try doing a search under google for Heirloom Beans.

If you live in Canada, I can send you a bunch of heirloom seed distributors websites, if you live in another country, unfortunately you'll have to do the searching yourself.

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Grew Purple tipped Hattie beans 2018. Good half runner with grayish bean good flavor.

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I have not heard of that one. I did a Google search and came up with purple beans, but not "Purple tipped". Good luck in your quest.

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I know exactly what you are talking about . I personally have a few seeds , but a family I go to church with grows a lot of them every year . They gave me the seed that I have

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