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What can I plant alongside or in cornfield

This year the front yard of my home will be a corn field I have grown sweet corn alongside the corn before and it does awsome! alternating from corn to soybeans it will have anhydrous amonia put on soon then once planted and sprouted the corn will be sprayed with a weed killer/fertilizer.
Not sure what the word is but what plants will get along with corn? benifitting from the same fertilezer and shade if planted inside the rows and climbing vines on the stalks? This is my familys field so if the field corn suffers a bit its okay.
I know the weed killer will kill almost anything besides the corn so ill have to trans plant after the danger from that is past. Thanks!

On the flipside what can I plant with soybeans?

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The "three sisters" planting comes to mind. Indians used to plant corn, squash, and beans in the same area. The squash kept the weeds down, the beans used the cornstalk as a trellis to climb, and it all grew happily together.

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I would recommend not using a weed killer as it will not only kill the weeds that will grow in your "corn field" but, it will also kill beneficial organisms living in the soil.

If you use the Trinity (aka Three Sisters) that Grey has described above, the squash will suppress all weeds, the beans will fertilize the corn and the corn benefits the Beans in a way that is at a loss of my memory at the moment.

You can also plant Potatoes with corn, though potatoes are supposed to suppress the growth of squash. That being said, last year I grew potatoes and squash together with great yields of each

Furthermore, Cucumbers and melons can also be grown with corn.

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