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Zuchinni Yellow on the Ends

My zuchinni's are doing great this year 2 plants and i have already harvested over a dozen. I was pulling a few and noticed a couple of 5" ones that looked yellow on the end for about 2 inches or so??? Whats that mean? One more thing- I tend to hold off harvesting until im ready but i cant keep up. Does letting them get 8 to 12 inches effect the taste? Is there a good way to store these guys so i could enjoy them during the winter? I do have a vacuume machine for food storage, could i just put them in a bag & suck the air out and stick them in the freezer? I know im full of questions but i have faith in all the very excellent gardners that seem to frequent this web site. Thanks for all your responces to my past posts too!
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your vaccume idia sounds ok, thats what i would do, just put them in a frezzer, and if you get to many, you can always find a food donation center, like red cross or something
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