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Get 'er done - Today's harvest

Went out just after sunrise and came out with quite a bounty. Not too bad, it's gonna be a beautiful day today as well. High's in the mid-upper 70's, low humidity, plus I watered after picking. I might have to pick again tomorrow, I will see If I can hold out. :oops: 8) I have a problem, I need an intervention. :wink:

I have another bowl that size of the Roma Grapes in the fridge. Tomorrow is homemade Pic de Gallo making day, I can't wait YUM YUM.

There is even a lot almost ready on the vine. I had to pick of few of those tom's early so the others could get bigger.

Another shot.

There are quite a few of cuc's on the vine that are small maybe a few day's out. There was a lull in production but they are coming back. I still have a fridge full of the as well.

Dono :D

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looking nice, now i know what you meant by i don't have much space. i live on 5 acers so i concider myself lucky.
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Lookin good gixx,Keep up the good work :)
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Very nice harvest with more to come.
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