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LETS PLAY Name that Deficiency!!!!!

hello everyone, I posted a thread similar to this in the organic section, but no help. possibly I could receive some wisdom from someone?

this is my cayanne pepper plant leaf



from my books it looks like either iron or copper deficient.
if so or not, could someone tell me what the problem is and cure.

thank you

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I don't know the answer. I do know that my blueberry bush needs iron because the PH is too high.
The leaves are green but the veins are yellow. It started happening to my Hydrangas too.
Your leaf looks all green.

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Hi Mike,

Please check [url=]your Private Message[/url] Inbox. Sent you a message yesterday.

[url=]Here is Mike's previous post[/url], please answer over there so we can keep the discussion in one place. ;)

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