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Good or bad idea to throw discarded Cucmubers in the compost

Well just wondering what the title said. I don't want a million volunteer cuc's the could be bad! :shock:

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I would do it. I have volunteer cukes, tomatoes, melons and potatoes. I had to pull some of the hundreds of tomato plants though.
I ran out of space. lol
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composting cukes

If your compost pile gets hot enough, it won't be a problem at all. Mine does not, and I do get volunteer squash and tomato plants popping up where ever I use my compost. However, what I get is a FEW volunteers and they are easy to pull, not really a problem.

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Go for it. Cucumber seeds are not really durable. Most won't make it through winter. They quickly rot if the conditions are not just right for germinating. I have seldom had cucumber seed come up volunteer from last years cukes left on the garden. Squash and pumpkin seed, on the other hand, are able to winter over and grow next year.
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I throw everything in my compost. My compost is in the sun and it gets pretty hot. I get several volunteer plants that I transplant to the garden sometimes. The trick is to know what they are, no way to tell one type tomatoe from another from volunteer plants same thing with squash. What comes up is what I get. If I planted it before I usually don't mind to have it again. If 1 or 2 of my tomato plants die I replace them with volunteer tomatoes. If 1 of my squash dies I replace it with a volunteer too. I use the volunteer plants as my back up plant for any plants that might die. Some years I have a problem with a type of root rot that kill the squash so the volunteer squash are nice to have.

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