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Help, I have squash bugs. Need organic solution.

It has been extremely hot and humid in East Texas and the squash bugs have invaded. I have done organic gardening from the beginning in my garden and want an organic solution. I am open to suggestions!

Hopefully there are some great organic solutions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Depending on how many plants you have, hand picking might be your best option.

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try concentrated garlic extract ...they hate that..
mix it 1 part garlic with 2 parts water.
1/2 ounce extract with 2 gallons of water.

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When squash bugs really show up, even with just a few plants, haqnd picking isn't a really good option; just too many of them, three and four generations at a time on one plant (true bugs are live breeders, and prolific)

Luckily these guys are soft bodied, so potassium of fatty acids is a good call, as is neem . I generally alternate so no one gets used to any one pesticide; I also use pyrethrins on these guys if it is really bad.


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