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Question about using cheyenne pepper spray to control pests

I've got a couple questions about spraying cheyenne pepper and things like that on veggies and strawberries to control pests.

I have some strawberry plants in an old wash tub that are being raided by critters (chipmunks maybe? I've seen several in the yard). The strawberries never get the chance to ripen before they're eaten. There are also holes being dug in there. And my peppers (just the leaves right now) in the garden are starting to get eaten (aphids?).

So #1 Will the spray help save my strawberries? and what concoction works best?

#2 It will obviously affect the taste of the fruit/veggies when sprayed on them, but what about their taste after being picked and cleaned? Mainly the strawberries.

Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated! :)

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Aphids don't eat leaves, they pierce and suck plant sap so pepper spray wouldn't affect them. Pepper spray mainly affects mammals and is best applied to leaves only.

I use dried Habanero seed cores soaked in rubbing alcohol to extract the heat, and then mix the extract with water and a few drops of liquid dish soap for the sprayer to act as a spreader sticker. Other recipes I have seen include blending garlic and a raw egg with the cayenne, and then let the mixture sit for a few days to really start to stink.

I wouldn't use the stinky mix on fruits, just plants. With my strait pepper spray I really don't know how much would wash off of the fruit, but if you like hot peppers then you would have no trouble with my mix, in fact, ground habanero mixed with strawberry jam is really good.

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