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What is this bug? Pic included.

I found this little worm thing munching away on one of my tomato plants! It was quite small and I couldn't see anymore of them. Is this a tiny tomato hornworm? I know the pic didn't turn out well :(. Whatever it is, is it likely I'll have lots more or could it be a one off?



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I think it looks more like a cabbage looper, than a tomato hornworm. Loopers only have legs at the front and rear of their bodies. Hornworms have legs all along their bodies.

[url=]Cabbage looper image[/url]

[url=]Tomato hornworm image[/url]

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One identifying trait of Tomato hornworm is that it got a pointy spike sticking up of it's behind -- hence the "horn"worm. :wink:
An ID trait of Cabbage"looper" is that it's an inchworm.

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