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Advice for my Veggie Patch in Georgia.

I have grown Eggplants, tomatoes and Banana peppers in pots and recently planted them in ground after amending the Red Clay Soil with so call good quality Top Soil and Moo Maure.

The newly amended soil does not seem to be as loose as it was at tilling, also after watering the soil remains slightly mushy for more that 24 hours. My Tomatoes did give a good yeild when they were in pots but have looked slightly wilted in the ammended veggie patch.

My plot is 25ft long and 5 ft wide. I used 8 cubic ft of Miracle Grow Garden Soil and 2 bags of Moo Maure that was all tilled into the plot.

Where am I going Wrong or am I being too impatient and will see results in the future.

Any help will be appreciated.

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We do not recommend using soil with chemical fertilizers in it for transplanting as it destroys mycorrhizal fungii that can help plants establish. Luckily we have had lots of rain so it has likely washed away into a stream or pond by now, and the natural soil biology can reestablish now. Do not fertilize until plants start to pick back up unless you use an organic fertilizer; I use fish hydrolysate and kelp for most of my fertilizing as it stimulates natural soil biologies as well as providing nutrients to the plants. I also use my own compost, as I help out the planet by not just sending it to the dump but back into the plant carbon cycle, and to help with [url=https://science.jrank.org/pages/4900/Organic-Farming-Organic-methods-maintaining-soil-tilth-fertility.html]soil tilth[/url](which you don't have much of in clay soils). Also soil biology can only live in the average 2 to 3 % of the soil that is humus (organic matter decomposing); healthy soils should be more like 5 or 6%. So think about organics and composting as tools to healthy eating...

We'll help... :D

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