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Pics of our first garden... How are we doing?

My wife and I started our first Garden this year and so far its going better than we expected :o !! The plot is 10ft.x22ft. Everything was started from tiny plants. Next year we plan on starting from seed.

The view

Slice Master Cucumber

Grape Tomato



Red Bell


Just one question? Can anyone tell us what type of onions these are??
Feel free to post pictures of your garden as well!!![/img]

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Your plants look great! You may find that you didn't allow enough room, especially for the cucumbers. You can find out what kind of onions when you pull them :lol: Are you going to eat them as green onions?
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Healthy looking plants.Congrats on your first garden. There is always something new to learn about gardening.I feel like a proud parent when mine start producing vegetables.And my grape tomatoes are right at 6 feet tall now.So watch yours grow.It is exciting.and rewarding.

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Looking good. Glad you decided to have a garden. Good Luck.
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Looks like you are going to have lots of zucchini soon! Nice garden and healthy looking plants, you're doing great! :D

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