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I need help with my eggplants

My eggplant look like this. I don,t see any insect in the leafs. any idea?

thank you!!!

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Mine look like that too. I will be interested in the answer.

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I, too, have this problem, and it was flea beetles. Found one laying eggs on them one evening. I am using Dr. Bronner's and it seems to be working.
I think that you may find out if this is the case if you look in the evening.

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The tiny holes are flea beetles, the larger holes are likely slugs or other pest. IMO for just a few egg plants, hand picking works fine on flea beetles. They will still munch some holes, but not enough to hurt the plant. Flea beetles have a very active period, followed by low activity, and then sometimes follow by a secondary wave of increased activity. I watch my egg plants and at the first sign of flea beetles, squish them right on the leaves. That takes about five minutes or less per day for three or four egg plants. You just don't want to get behind on the critters or they can overwhelm an egg plant in a week or two.

The somewhat isolated larger holes IMO are of no consequence. The holes won't hurt the plant, and sharing is a good thing. You may want to have an occasional slug hunt, looking under planters and any area with crawl spaces, and perhaps place a beer trap or two in an area of possible slug activity.
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