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BUg, Bugs and More Bugs

I'm kind of a new gardener, been doing it for a couple of years now and never had any problems with bugs until now. I noticed this little black bug with transparent wings all over the place but especially on my string beans plants and they are eating the leaves

When I did a closer inspection today of the other plants Tomatoes, Broccoli etc I also noticed Green Aphids, The little black bugs with transparent wings, spider mites (I see red ones but I also see little black ones) and I see a little kind of light tan or lcream colored with a darker stripe down the middle.

either way how do I get rid of these pests before they do any more damage? is there something I can buy and spray or dust with that will get rid of them all without getting rid of me and my family :P.

Also if someone knows of a reall good book, or web site that can help me with gardening, pests and such things like that I'd appreciate it!

Thanks in advance for the help

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I often refer to The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control, ed. Barbara W. Ellis and Fern Marshall Bradley (Rodale Press, Inc., 1992). I originally checked this book out of my public library (Spring 2008), but it was *so* useful that I purchased my own copy.

It's hardback, and therefore durable. There are close-up photos of harmful as well as beneficial insects/bugs, diseased and/or stressed leaves, and (usually) multiple suggestions for non-toxic management methods.

Maybe your local library has a copy so that you can thumb through it for yourself and look at the photos to identify your visitors...

I often prefer books to the Internet because I can take books outside to the plants and not worry that the pages (= printouts) will fly around! :lol:

For immediate help vs. aphids and other harmful plant eaters, mix 1 tsp. of liquid soap (e.g., Ivory Liquid Dish Soap or equivalent--do NOT use a detergent) in 1 quart of warm water. "Warm" water speeds up the dispersion of the soap into the water.

Use a spray bottle and spray the plants where the visitors are, esp. on the bottoms of the leaves.

Be sure that the leaves won't be wet in direct, hot sunlight; that introduces additional complications, like pinhole burning of the leaves. :( (Think about a magnifying lens and setting a little piece of dried grass on fire in direct sunlight. Same mechanism.)

I wish you success in this battle and, indeed, the entire war vs. Plant Destroyers.

Cynthia H.
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I agree with Cynthia, but you can also add some cayenne pepper to the water. I have seen tons of different recipes for similar stuff. Lots of people add black pepper, garlic, and oil.

I use a mix of:

2 TBS Ground Red Pepper
6 Drops of dish soap
1 Gallon of water.

I can go back up the rows and see the little dots of red pepper dried on the leaves. I have never had a problem with it burning the plants or anything.

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