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How do your know when it is really summer time?

When everything on the plate except the bread comes from the garden!


Bread is dizzled with olive oil and rubbed with home grown garlic. Wine is Angeline, a nice pino noir. From the garden: fresh cucumber, tomatoes both 'Juliet' and 'sweet cluster', lightly steamed Swiss Chard, stir fried yellow squash and onions, mostly roma II green beans with home grown new red potatoes, corn picked a little too early but great just the same.
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Wonderful, alex! What a beautiful plate. I like your answer better than mine. Here in cincinnati we know it is summer when the weather forecasters post the weather report: "hot, humid, hazy, chance of afternoon thundershowers" and go on vacation until September.

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Drool. :P


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wish I was getting veggies like that,,, had afew radishes and squash. its been so gloomy and cold here,,, things just arent growing... we are supposed to be Sunny So Cal.. it feels like January here...


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Wow, what a lovely plate of food! mmmm

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I think it will be summer at my house in about 2 weeks.

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Re: How do your know when it is really summer time?

hendi_alex wrote:When everything on the plate except the bread comes from the garden!
grow wheat! make bread!

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We spent six years in the mountains of Western Maine, so everything seems like summer to me. Just imagine your garden freezing solid on Labor Day weekend. :cry:

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I know it's summer when I hear lawn mowers, birds chirping and drinking out of the bath dogs barking, kids out playing, and smell the bbq's going , neighbors sitting outside and say hey as you go by because those are things you don't notice or see when doors and windows are shut in the winter or cool fall. I know it's summer when I see green and life to plants . May sound dumb but people seem to be like plants, they seem to come to life and show life in the summer. By the way Alex that plate looks great!

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Awesome! Hopefully next year I'll have a big enough garden to grow so many delicious vegatables! Great job!

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