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late season planting?

Any advise as to what might be appropriate for a late season planting? I have two small beds that will soon be vacant. This is south Mississippi, we are already hitting the 90's & will only get hotter.



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I doubt that it gets much hotter there than here in central S.C. with our 90-102 degree July and August days. I find that most any summer crops can be grown into July and August, but many of the things like squash and cucumbers will only do well when planted on the east side of a building or shady tree. Also, you can take part of your garden area and construct a pergula for hanging shade cloth. Get rid of that afternoon sun, and succession crops of green beans, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and more can keep going. I plant some egg plant and peppers in containers, and move them to a morning sun only spot sometime in June. Cucumbers, squash, and green beans are good candidates to be planted late August or early September for a two or three week harvest in October and sometimes into November.

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You can plant just about anything you want. I have planted as late as the 3rd week of June. Corn, beans, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, more.

To late to plant greens they like cool weather but you can plant green the 1st of September.

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Are you buying your late season plants at local stores or online? I went to Calloways and Home Depot and it was slim pickins for veggie plants. When I asked the people who worked there they looked at me funny and said "It's kind of late in the season to be putting plants in."

I was really sad b/c I was hoping to find green beans locally... I hate paying high shipping costs so I prefer to buy local...

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Another Mississippian! Welcome!

I still consider this early season.. but I'm a newbie gardner and I'm still learning!

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