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Just had a hail storm! Any advise?

I'm new to the forum and posted this question in the wrong spot. I see how this works now! Anyway, I just had a hail storm pass through and I'm not sure how to tell what I can salvage and what I should let go and replant. Some of the stems are broke on the tomato plants. I thank anyone for there help :)

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If the main stems of your plants are unbroken, they'll probably be just fine. :)

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That has got to be frustrating, we about had a hail storm or atleast were suppose to a few weeks ago. Anyway post some pictures and we will let you know

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What size hale did you have?

If it was larger than 1/2" diameter then all but blossoms will probably be gone. If you have fruit trees there will be no fruit this year. Vegatables are another store they will blossom again.

You will know in a few days if the plants are going to live. If they are hammered down to just a stump then you have to replant for sure.

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