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Im new to gardening but have grown courgettes before. My courgettes which I planted out a few weeks ago seem to be doing ok, although some of the leaves are turning brown and some of the stems appear a bit woody and are cracking and turning slighlty brown.

I water the plants everynight and feed them with tomato food once/twice a week, and have taken to watering them ever second morning too.

The soil has compost and has been mulched.

Any sggestions?
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Are you certain that they need so much watering? It could be that the roots are water-logged and are suffering from root rot. Let the plant "rest" for a day or two and then check the moisture level in the soil with your fingers before adding more water.

What kind of soil are the plants in? This, too, would influence the rate of water retention/drainage.

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The tomato food might be to nitrogen rich for the squash...just a guess.
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