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Tomatoes vs. Peppers?

Do tomato plants require less light than peppers or eggplants? I put all 3 starter plants in the same bed/proximity and only the tomatoes seem to be thriving (setting fruit, etc.) but the eggplant is still small and finally set one flower and the pepper plant is hardly growing.
Or do tomatoes just grow faster?

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I'm no expert but I have planted tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. The eggplant I've only had for a couple weeks, so can't say a lot about that. The tomatoes and peppers though have all bee started from seed mostly, and at exactly the same time, so I can comment on those. I have all of mine in the same very sunny location. My tomato plants are growing like mad and the peppers are much slower. I don't think peppers get anywhere near as big as tomatoes if you're just growing them for one season (they just keep growing in the right climate). It's funny though because I can see a HUGE difference between the rate of growth from one pepper plant to the next, not sure why. They all have the same type of soil, same amount of water and sun. A couple are definately growing much faster than the others though.

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I have the same situation..generally speaking, my tomatoes always grow much faster than eggplants and especially peppers although they all have proper soil and watering. But that's nothing to worry about. Ideally tomatoes and peppers want slightly different conditions, both like very sunny places and hot weather. The difference is that unlike tomatoes, peppers do not benefit from deeper planting and it will stunt their growth. So always plant your peppers at the same depth in the soil as they were planted in the pots.

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in my garden I have normal big tomatoes, tumbling tom, I also have scotch bonnet, jalapenon and bell pepers. and a number of other stuff.

I reserched alot before planting and as a general rule no matter what u plant my experiance is that you plant 2 seeds next to each other for evey one plant. then when there aprox 1-3 inches high u snip off the smallest one rather than pull. ( don't distrub the roots) that way your only keeping the strongest.

I was finding it hard at first shoting away a perfectly good just smaler plant. but when I harvested my 2nd wave of radishes I found that insted of all small/ medium I had medium/large and had very few that didnt grow much root.

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