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Slugs - copper wire for repellent?

Pondering some ways to repel the slugs from my beds. Would copper wire do the trick? Thinking of solid 14AWG copper wire from some AC wiring I have laying around. Strip the jacket off and tack this down to the top of my garden bed boards.

Put down beer traps for those already in my beds.



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I have had success with both methods. Also have used a mix of veggie oil and soy sauce. A bit of both in a can (doesn't seem to matter the percentage of each). The soy sauce draws the in, and the veggie oil traps them (thing La Brea Tar Pits) Sink the can into the soil until the lip is at ground level. This has worked very well for crawling bugs, especially well for earwigs. When the can is full, I pour the mix thru a strainer, re-use the liquids, and toss the carcasses. Of course you will have to re-fill after a heavy rain.

Diatomacious earth also works well for crawlers.

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