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What's this on the soil?

I have two pepper plants (1 Jalapeño, 1 Habanero ) growing in a container. They've been in there about 2-3 weeks and are doing ok.

This morning when I went out to water them, I noticed a light white circle surrounding both plants. It almost looked like powdered sugar sprinkled around them in a ring. If it helps, yesterday was the first time I watered them by sprinkling water over their leaves rather than holding the container directly at their roots. By the pattern, it almost appears like 'something' washed off the leaves and is starting to grow. I just went out to check on them, and the white 'powder' has turned yellow (see pictures below).

Any idea what this is?


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I am thinking mold. It is no problem if that is what it is. It is growing on your soil, not attacking your plants. IMO

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