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It has been a very odd winter here. We've had weeks of near-spring, and now this week we have lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s, with a windchill of 32... I'm expecting it to be like this for a while, Old Man Winter isn't ready to release his clutches yet!

So while I definitely have the itchies to start some plants, I lack the room in the house to do much just yet. I just keep going through Johnny's seed catalog, or old issues of garden magazines - seeing all that green helps a little. :)

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Forcing plants for all the shows always helps keep away the winter blaahs; maybe that would help...


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Yes, planting the time that you always plant is good for certain .... plants. But, with others that you may have not grown from seed before; they need to be planted earlier in the season.

I once was tempted to plant my tomatoe plants in the fall or at least late November but, through trial and error have found that planting them in Jan or Feb works just fine.

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