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Too late to plant strawberries?


Am located in the San Francisco Bay area.....is it too late to be putting in strawberry plants? My local stores/nursery does not seem to have any left.


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I'm sure that they will do fine there, if you can find any. If you have a friend who has a bed, get them to let you get some starters from the runners. I'm setting down one gallon nursery pots filled with soil and pinning runners on top. Will start around 40 plants for a good friend.

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You can plant strawberries now, but they probably won't produce until spring time next year depnding on what varieity you have. June bearing is the most common, so, those won't produce until next spring. Strawberry plants send out many runners, and these runners turn into daughter plants, which can be planted, which will produce strawberries the next spring.

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