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Yeah Alex, the sprinklers work great. As I mentioned in another thread, I used them last year and had no deer damage at all in the coverage area. (We're surrounded by conservation land, and the deer are out there in droves every night) I used two units for a 100'X75' vegetable patch, though one might have been sufficient. They even scared the daylights out of me whenever I went prowling around the garden at night in my usual state of confusion. The brand name is Electronic Scarecrow. I bought two more units for this season to use on my raspberries and to protect a bluebird house - highly recommended.

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Hey PJ!

Nice to see a fellow Nutmegger around here once and a while... I have never had the need but also hear wonderful things about ScareCrows...

Fabric softener sheets are heavily scented, resist dissolving (more heat released than dissolved), and come in convenient tear off rolls... :D


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