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Seedlings Munched on Overnight. Mouse Droppings Left Behind

So I have had all my seedlings hanging out on the top shelf in my barn (the shelf is about 5' off the ground 2' wide and 6' long. Anyways... I go out there this morning to find the basil and jalapenos gone (munched away completely) and also found broccoli munched on but not eaten (apparently it didnt like broccoli). What else is sitting on the shelf but some nice mouse droppings. So tomorrow I get to dig in the garage and find bait to refill my bait station (yeah I know baiting isnt that humane but I have about $3500 in saddles in there and that means no mice/rats allowed.)

Hopefully there are no more casualties by morning. Hopefully the wind will die down enough to start getting things hardened off and in the ground for good.

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Are you sure it's mice and not...rats? We had the distinct NON-pleasure of cleaning out MIL's garage after a prolonged ratfest...

We finally set up a few Rat Zappers. Battery powered, you don't have to touch the creatures before OR afterwards, and we haven't seen any evidence of rats in MIL's garage since October 2007.

It's fast and clean (w/regard to toxins and the possibility of secondary poisoning) and it works.

I understand about protecting your leatherwork. I feel the same way about the very few leather-bound books I own.

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At least you had the warning in the way of seedlings, which are MUCH cheaper than tack! :wink: (Make sure to inspect your reins and bridles just in case though....) I had some mice eat up early cole crop seedlings in the garage Grow Light Area. Mostly broccoli and cauliflower. They left the cabbage intact. (Just like my kids! :roll: )

I had my cats thoroughly explore the garage (they're indoor cats and probably wouldn't know what to do if they met a mouse... but then, they're adopted barn kittens, so who knows? They were VERY interested in the smells but didn't catch anything) and that seemed to have helped. I left a sticky trap in an out of the way likely path along the base of the wall but I think they moved out, especially with the warmer weather.

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It is definitely mice. I saw one the other day on the ground under a feed bag. I am hesitant to throw a cat in the barn for a while because I worry that it will knock over all my plants. Though hopefully they will be outside by sunday (if the wind ever stops blowing). The bob and monkey can have a mouse feast.

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If you would like a non toxic safe way to keep mice out...

Try sprigs of peppermint or spearmint to keep rodents out of gardens, barns, etc. For some reason they are allergic. Another thing is plant marigolds for the other critters.

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I've read that mice don't like catnip, lavender or tansy either.

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