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First trip outside

Read topics on hardening and finally got to take my plants out. cukes, peppers and tomatoes I read 60 degrees but we hit 58 out with a little breeze so I decided to go for it. They aren't in full sun but rather in the shade from a tree. Hope I'm not pushing it. Opinions :?:

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I'm just learning on hardening plants off and I start with them next to the house with a little morning sun. From there I move them further from the house or into a more sunny place. Found that noon and early afternoon sun is a really killer on new plants and a breeze can be really hard on them at first. Some other plants I've been putting a fan on them to help with that and so far it seems to be working.

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Don't forget them outside at night and you are fine...

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Sounds like ya'll have the idea of hardening off spot on. Introducing the plants to the outdoors a little at a time...a little filtered sun here, a little breeze there..and don't be too concerned about temps in the mid 50's..
Upper 30' stunts the growth, which isn't a bad thing if the plants are growing too quick before transplant just slows them down.
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