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growing hops

Does anyone grow hops in so. il? or surrounding area? I would like to try it but am wondering if the soil and weather conditions here will allow it.

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Several of the guys in the local beer club grow their own hops. They bought the vine already to plant. I bought some seeds on ebay but they never grew. The plants grow like a vine so you need to provide a place for them to climb. The plant get larger and larger the guys tell me you have to keep expanding your climbing area to make a place for the plants to grow. The plants do not produce any hops the first year. They don't produce a lot the second year. It is a bit like growing grapes the larger the plant gets the more it produces. It takes several years to get a good crop. Hops is a very good spice, it is great is soup and it makes excellent Tea. If you boil hops it gets bitter so add the hops to soup after it has been cooked.

I never knew I liked beer until I visited the beer club and tasted samples. American beer is made from RICE. American beer SUCKS. Foreign beer is VERY GOOD. I have been making beer about 5 years and making wine 40 years. A good comparison is like the difference between a good home grown garden tomato and a tomato from the grocery store, homemade beer is the BEST. Once you make your own beer you will NEVER drink American beer every again.

Here are some Hops Pics from Mid State Brew Crew Forum. I don't know where to get plants but now that I know more about the plants I know I don't have room for them in my yard. WOW, I wish more and more that I lived in the country with enough land to grow all the things I would like to grow.


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Hi Trish, I planted hops in N. Michigan last year and had pretty good luck. I'm not sure what kind of soil conditions you have down there, but I'm sure they will tolerate your weather. Gary is right though, you need a good sized trellis to give them room to grow. I used two treated 15' 4x4s connected at the top with a 2x4. I ran twine down from the 2x4 and staked it at the base of the hop plants. They didn't get very big last year but that was to be expected. I have high hopes for this year though.

I ordered Saaz plants off the internet, I think.

Good luck!

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Yes, I grow hops. I have only one vine. Usually only the female plants are grown, so there will be no viable seed.

There are some wild hops that grow in this general area, and you can find both male and female plants. If you got some seed from a female that was grown close to a male plant it would be viable. I transplanted a wild female plant to my yard and it grew for two years, but I had put it near some chokecherries and it did not compete well.

Hops is a fast growing vine and it dies to the ground each winter. You need to clean up the old vines in the early spring.

There are two main types of hops used for brewing. The one is for aroma and the other for the bitters. Both types are used in the making of beer.

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