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Advice on planting season in Zone 17


I am new to gardening and tried my luck @ growing broccoli, spinach and cabbage with mixed results. I would like to try for better results with the summer veggies. Appreciate any advice you can give on -
1) When should I start planting outside? Our weather in Zone 17 has been pretty whacky for the last few months
2) Which plants do well with seed vs. small plants? Am I too late on putting out seed directly?

I would like to try tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, beans and possibly strawberries.

Also appreciate any recommendations on good organic materials carrying nurseries in Zone 17 (if there are any locals on this list, I am in Fremont, CA)


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Zone 17...I have some experience with (used to live in Oakland, then Berkeley, now El Cerrito).

I had terrific success with broccoli raab ("rapini"), spinach, mache, broccoli romanesco, chard, red kale, chicory, komatsuna, lettuce, potatoes, and onions over the winter. I planted twice: once in late August and then again in early November, because it was still so warm and dry.

I'm running behind right now for this season. Aieee! but recommend planting now. Last year my potatoes were in on St. Patrick's Day, and I planted snow peas, lettuce, tomatoes, rhubarb, peppers, eggplant, and root veggies in March and early to mid-April. At my particular house, Zone 17 doesn't behave properly, so the peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes did strangely.

But in Fremont you'll have the necessary warmth for these veggies. Plant starts of tomatoes now; if you're using seeds for the others, plant them now as well. If you decide to use starts, you've got some time.

Check in with your local independent nursery (not a Big Box place) for their advice regarding Fremont planting dates, sun exposure, etc.

Happy gardening!

Cynthia H.
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