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What is the best way to grow Peppers?

I buy plants usually 4 plants per tray. I plant several different types of pepper plants in the same row. Bell, Banana and maybe another type. My Bell pepper plants always seem to grow slow. I usually have the plants in the ground by the end of April or the first part of May. I have a problem with them the root system is never strong enough to hold up the plants. June and July thunderstorms usually blow the plants over so I have to pile dirt up like a volcano on the plant to hold it up. The next big rain washes the dirt away and the plants fall over again. Last summer I staked the plants to hold them up. By Aug the plants will be about 2 ft tall. There are usually a few small peppers on the plant by then. By the end of August the peppers are the size of a tennis ball. We typically have 100 deg weather in August and usually only 1 rain for the whole month so I water the garden every evening. In Sept the plant starts growing more peppers and they get larger. October when the weather is cooler the plants will have maybe 15 to 20 bell peppers and much larger.

The Banana peppers are not much of a problem I have a lot of peppers my mid July but I still have a problem with the plants falling over is that a typical problem with peppers?

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This is my first year to plant but from some of the advice I got you can use small cages for peppers somewhat like you would do for tomatos. :)

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In the past, I've always used the round conical wire cages sold as "tomato" cages for peppers and eggplants. They're way too short for tomatoes, but someone posted that they stack them with the top one upside down for tomatoes. :D

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I use small tomato cages for all my peppers and use mulch around the base of them.

They don't blow over, the soil doesn't wash away and I hardly ever have to weed them.

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Wow May seems a little late to be putting them out in the South!! I usually have mine out by Good Friday!! I'm usually eating them by July! I normally don't have any problems with them standing if I plant them deep enough. They don't work that great in containers though.
Peppers are one of my most important things to plant because we eat LOTS of them!! And they seem to get more expensive every time I go to buy them!!
You should plant them deep enough so they can get a good strong root system, stake them, and plant them early enough in the Spring before the bugs, heat and wind get too bad. Make sure your soil is good and fertile too so they don't grow so slow. I use Miracle Grow!! Your soil is probably the key!!
I LOVE me some peppers!! I'm not a very happy gardener when something messes with my peppers!! :x
Good luck!! (a little prayer usually helps too!! I always pray over my babies!! :lol: )

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definitely stake them. When you plant them, plant them deeper than they are in the pot. But even so pepper plants, especially once they have peppers on them are always top heavy and benefit from being staked. (Or caged, but for the peppers it seems easier just to stake them. They aren't viney like tomatoes, so you don't have to keep tying them)

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staking peppers

I have staked my 4 pepper plants,although they are in buckets they seemed to get off to a slow start.Now they seem to be doing fine,except I'm getting some holes on a couple of leaves.About pea size holes,2 anehiem,1 jalepeno,1 giant marconi.Any suggestions?

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