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This is our first time at growing our own vegetables. We are excited, yet
scared - if you all know what I mean!!! My first question is = do we need to add lyme to our miracle gro veg garden soil? We are in western PA.

Thank you so much :D
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Your best bet is to contact the local agricultural extension service and ask about doing a soil sample. The service is either free or modestly priced. If you just want to wing it, then soil east of the Appalachians is usually mildly acid from the acid rain that falls. That is just a generality because the specific areas can vary dramatically from the typical area. Another indicator is if you have noticed blue or pink hydrangeas in the area. Common hydrangeas are pink in acid soil and are blue in neutral to basic soil. So if you had a blue hydrangea, you would not want to put down any lime. You can buy inexpensive soil test kits to test the soil yourself. Anyway if your soil is like most soil east of the Appalachians then you may want to apply a little lime to the soil, to bring the pH up to nearer to 7 and to add a little calcium.

One repeated message from this board for first time gardeners, [start out small and expand as your knowledge and confidence grow.] Another word about the local extension office, they can provide specific information about all kinds of fruits and veggies, as to what varieties do best, when to plant in your area, how to treat for various diseases and pests, and more. That are a great resource, and already paid for via your and my taxes.

Good luck with the garden.
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