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23 Bird Houses NO bugs in my Garden.

I have not strayed for bugs in my garden for 31 years. I have 23 bird houses in my back yard near the garden. Most of the bird houses are for Wrens. Wrens eat their weight in bugs every day. I have 1 Blue Bird house. I have 1 Ever Green tree for the Red Birds to nest in. The Red Birds also like to nest in the Blackberries. I keep a 25 watt light bulb ON all night long to attract bugs for the Bats to eat. After dark the Bats come and they ear the bugs that swarm around the light bulb. Bats eat twice their weight in bugs every night.

Here is momma Wren feeding 3 baby birds.

Here are 3 Baby birds looking for Mom.

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Wow, looks like I need to get to work building some more bird houses :lol:

But do you ever have a problem with the birds eating your seedlings? I set some marigold seedlings out on the deck a few days ago and ended up having to cover then with a piece of screen to keep the birds out (they looked like Wrens but I really don't know what type of bird they were)

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We have feeders everywhere. The only time birds eat in the garden are when the first tomatoes appear. They eat one or two and then leave the garden alone. I notice them perching in the garden all summer but haven't notice plant damage so maybe they are eating a few insects. I did notice that the corn ear worms/bugs pretty much disappeared last summer once the bees started to appear in the corn.

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