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Looking for Seed Catalog Recommendations

I've gotten quite a few catalogs to look through, I was wondering though if anyone had any particular favorites they use. I'm especially interested in any companies where you can get small quantities of seeds. I'm only going to have a small garden and probably no more than a handfull of any given plant.

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I've purchased from *or* had recommendations to purchase from:

Baker Creek Seeds (Missouri)
Johnny's Selected Seeds (Maine)
Victory Seeds (Oregon?)
John Jeavons' site (California; Bountiful Gardens)

I wonder whether Willhite has recently experienced a change of ownership, because on one well-known online gardening review site, they had a string of Positive reviews for a couple of years, but beginning in February of this year, they've had FIVE IN A ROW NEGATIVE reviews... Park Seed also has experienced negative reviews, and they *did* have an ownership change last season.

Please call ahead to any company you plan to do business with, even if you plan to do business with them on-line. It's not a guarantee (I had to take a company to credit-card arbitration last year, even though I *did* talk to the owner on the phone before placing my order), but it will give you a sense of the customer-service attitude.

Many home gardeners seek out "open pollinated" seeds. These seeds produce plants which will reproduce themselves faithfully, unlike hybrid plants, whose seeds need to be purchased anew every year.

No doubt other Helpful Gardeners will supply more names of "small-garden friendly" seed suppliers.

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For tomato lovers, especially heirloom varieties here are two rec's. I've ordered from both and been happy.

And not for seed, but for absolutely great garlic of many varieties.

The Garlic Store
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Park Seeds
Harris Seeds
Territorial Seed

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Nichols Garden Nursery--the best. I've been purchasing seed from them for over 20 years.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply--excellent source of heirloom and organic seed.

Pinetree Garden Seed--seed packets contain smaller quantity of seeds at lower prices than most companies. Sells many heirloom varieties.
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Anyone ever try ?

I'm thinking of ordering from them, anyone know if they are any good?

Found a wiki page on them

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My newly developed theory is that seeds from plants grown in areas similar to my own climate might be best adapted to my own garden, especially when they are open pollinated or heirloom seeds. Same goes for plants and trees.

Also, I've decided to try to stay within as near my geological area so my packages are not being shipped from ridiculous distances. :mrgreen:

As a result, for myself I've given up on many sources located on the Pacific coast and far midwest that I've considered in the past (Territorial, Nichols Garden Seeds, and Seeds of Change used to be my faves). Just an idea. :wink:

That said, my primary sources this spring has been Johnny's Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Scheeper's Kitchen Garden Seeds. I also get seeds from Burpee that are sold in local garden centers. There's a tomato and pepper seed source in NJ that escapes me at the moment too.

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