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I dreamed of Veggie Gardening! I'm lame!

I was at a college baseball game (Razorbacks, I go all the time) and coach Van Horn looked up and said, "Hey Ray, get down here. We need you to pitch about 4 innings." So I said, "Sure." Got down there and through 4 innings allowing 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 walks (I've never pitched a day in my life - but according to the radio guy that I could hear amazingly, I had perfect control and one of the hottest fastballs in history).
So after the game I head home, where there is a party for my success as a pitcher (and I'm not really at my house, but in my dream it is a home I own). I look out the in the back yard and notice that my leaves are being eaten by bugs because my neighbors don't take care of their yard! - that part is somewhat true. I trot out there immediately and start using some kind of organic pesticide that I made myself and all our friends are amazed at my plant botany knowledge as I educate them on the basics of gardening. I got it taken care of, picked some corn and through them on the grill. YUM!

How weird is that. When I woke up, my shoulder was a little sore and I was wondering how to make my own organic pesticides.

Anyone else have veggie dreams?? LOL

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haha, yeah its getting closer and closer for me to start the garden, possibly this will happen to me 8)

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wooooo pig soooie!!

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Well head into the garden Ray. Nature has a way of injecting reality back into dreams when you are gardening. No one comes out unscathed (we "experts" have our share of trials too). Unlike the dreams there are hard times too, but in reality you get to eat the veggies.. it's a good trade off...


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