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Can I grow organic green onions?

We got some organic onions this morning, and before I chopped em all up, I started to wonder if I could plant them. I'm rlly not sure how onions green onions grow. We have been growing lots of store bought(not organic) white and purple onions for the last year. I don't know if they've made more bulbs or not, so any information about onions would be helpful. And can I just stick these green onions in water of in the ground and grow them?

Thankz for reading. ^_^

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I can't fully answer your question, but.....
green onions left in the ground over the winter, will grow the next spring, they really are hardy. But I stop calling them green onions, as the tops take on a new dimension, less uniform.
The bulb gets a little bigger, but the old sometimes rots and is right up against the new bulb(yuck). It can just be washed clean, and is okay.
This new bulb tends to be hotter than the original, but can be cut up for cooking.
Dad eats them just like any other green onion.
He has several he has left from the ones planted last fall.(he covered in a foot of leaves)
I have just one of the 5 I let go from last fall. One I ate over the winter, 3 died?, maybe they'll come back?

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Is this close to what you're talking about?

In my experience, they don't do as well in water -- tends to rot. Don't bury the scallions and onion bottoms too deep. I don't know if the onions will actually make bulbs, but they're still great source of green onion tops!

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Are these small little green onions about the size of a pencil?

If so, yes, they will grow. They can be planted out now. Plant them 5 or 6 inches apart. If they are bunching onions you will get a bunch, but if they are regular onions you can expect to get a large onion. No way to tell what they are now.

If they were larger onion bulbs, don't bother planting them. They will just go to seed. Well, you can harvest the seed.

You can also start onions from seed sown directly in your garden.

Onions may be grown from dry onion sets, or plants. Look at your garden store for plants or sets.
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Thank you guys! This is really helpful. ^_^ I'll plant em in the garden and see what they do. X3

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This past fall my wife had some green onions that were about to spoil. I trimmed the tops back and cleaned off any parts that appeared to be spoiling and then placed the plants in the garden. They took root immediately and seem to be doing quite well. While growing this spring some of the tops can be harvested from the plants while still in the ground and later the bulbs can be eaten unless the plants would immediately go to seed. As is an experiment in progress, will wait to see what edible material the onions provide.
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