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buying veg. seeds

Ordering seeds to start for the veg. garden. Does anyone have any idea why Burpee seeds ordered on-line or from the catalog are about 4 times as much $ when purchased in stores such as Wal-Mart etc?

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I cant answer your question. But we bought some seed packs at walmart. Some were only 20 cents. Thought we would give them a try. The eggplant and green peppers are sprouting. Just have to wait to put them outside, . When the weather is warmer. Good Luck.

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I don 't think that is a bit unusual for lots of products, not just seed.

It has to do with bulk buying.

I have found that some nurseries and garden shops have seed in bulk that is much cheaper than seed in packets. That thing that turns me off from buying a few packets from a catalog, is the unreal postage they want to tack on. You about have to spend $100 to come out on the postage.

I like to look at the catalogs, but I shop locally for seed.

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