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What are Good Veggie Gardening Books?

Successful gardener last 5yr with tomatoes, greenbeans, peppers, all starter plants.

We just moved and now have about 2 acres, 1.5 to garden on. I want to go all out, but I know baby steps.

Need advise on good reads for which major veggies grow good together and on a simular time line.

Garden will be about 50' x 100' good turned topsoil and have access to manuer.

I live just out side of Indianapolis.
When should I till soil with manuer?
When should I start my seeds?
Where is good place to buy my seeds online?
I have a 3 season sunroom I could use for seedlings,
maybe a website with a good garden diagram for veggie garden.

Last question...
just had a new septic system put in with fingers about 24" down, the terrain runs at about 10 degrees away from the D-tank about 1 acre to a stream.
Is it safe and or recommended to garden over this system? I have had about 50/50 feedback on this already from other reads.

All advise welcome,
Thanks, Medic

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I learned so much from "The Joy of Gardening" by Dick Raymond I still refer to his book each season to sort out what it is I should be doing or what sounds fun and interesting.

I don't grow over our septic field. It was recommended to us that we plant grass and we've done that. I don't know if there is a reason why growing over it would be unhealthy but it sounds as if it could be dangerous.

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