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My Raised veggie bed

For now is covered with fleece ground is frozen under I have winter onions cauli and brocoli planted late Autumn 2008 .

I am a newbie to veggie growing so with my greenhouse ready to get seeds on the go soon .

Price of supermarket veggies or so going up and don't seem to last as long as fresh home grown.

End of season 2008 my H built me my raised veggie bed from recyled slabs we had replaced in our garden.

Want to grow potatoes as well but not sure best time to get these and when to plant. :D

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Hello Scotkat - if you open my web site, click on 'Gardennotes' and then on 'A Vegetable Growers Calendar' you may find some info that will be helpful. If your ground is frozen you must be patient, but indoors or in a heated glasshouse, come mid February, you could sow your first seed such as leek for eventually hardening off and planting outdoors; onions if you want to grow from seed rather than sets, and tomatoes for the heated glasshouse.
Have you a good cold frame; you will find it invaluable for eventually hardening off those early sowings.

Seed potatoes starting with first earlies should be on sale by mid February. It is your choice whether you set them up and chit (let shoots grow before planting) or wait and plant direct without chitting. Planting time is around six weeks from setting up to chit. The growth of first earlies may need protection from frost on emerging.

Whatever advice is given you have to ultimately go by your area climate with regard to hardening off, planting and outdoor sowing.

Check out my site, it may help.

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THANK YOU, pd, for the wonderfull and awesome website and all the time that you have put into it. I just joined HG and was looking for beginner gardening advice before I started to ask questions.
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