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Lost Variety Cucumber seeds

For years I had grown a Cucumber seed called Long Fruited Climber, and was purchased at White Rose Nurseries before they went out of business in 2000. I have been trying since to find something similar but nothing measures up. Size, sweetness, yield and producing duration was fantastic. Anybody know what/or where this seed came from, and maybe what it is called now?


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Years ago my uncle or grandfather [can't remember which] grew a Japanese type cucumber, was very mild, sweet and prolific. I'm wondering if the seeds you mention were a true variety, or if perhaps the company got some of these non named Asian types of cucumbers and simply packaged them under their brand and used the descriptive name. Here is a link to several heirloom vairieties of cucumbers. You may want to look at the two Japanese varieties and the Chinese cucumber.

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There is a variety called "Longfellow." There are also have several Asian varieties (just like Baker Creek).

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Yep, sounds like an asian variety. Could also be "armenian", which is a very pale green but grows very long and thin. Good luck!

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