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best way to store seeds?

when your planting seeds and you have a half of a pack left what is the best way to store them till next year?

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Hi brad, for the majority of seeds my way would be to place them (after making sure they were dry) into a paper envelope and place that into an air tight jar. Keep in a dark place at around 40F. Alternatively place the jar in a refrigerator (not freezer).
There are exeptions however because seed types vary in their requirements if you are to maintain optimum viability. Magnolias for instance should be stored in just moist vermiculite or sand.

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I put mine in a zip baggie (while still in their envelope), then suck the air out. Then I put the baggie into a small box (for light protection) and put that in the fridge. Most seeds will be just fine for a year like this. While germination rates tend to go down, you'll still get plants.

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I run my leftover seed through the vacuum packager... :)

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