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Seed Vendors

A couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned a seed vendor website that had alot of information on it. It was humeseeds.com. I don't remember which forum it was, but I did end up mailing a very small order ($3.00) to them which I received in less than a week from the time I mailed the order. (I don't use plastic, so always send a check or money order). They e-mailed me when the order shipped. This week (Mon, 8/29), I mailed another small order ($13.00) & got an e-mail notification yesterday (Wed, 8/31) that the order was shipped. This is phenominal service by both Ed Hume Seeds & the U.S Postal Service! I've always ordered from the larger companies before & never had a complaint against them, but I don't remember getting this quick service from them. I'm happy!

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Thanks for the tip D! 8)

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Great to know! I'm gonna go shop there now. 8)

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