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Sowing seeds

Well as a few of you may know already I have some Early Japeno and some Cayenne seeds im trying to get growing indoors. I think by now it has been at least a week, maybe even more and I only have only one Jalapeno seed that has a tiny white tail poking out. The method I am using is I have a folded damp paper towel in a really small plastic bowel and then the bowel is in closed in a zip-lock baggie.
So now Im thinking I will just get them started in a potting mix or even Miracle Grow seed starter and see if they don't start sprouting then.

Any advice on sowing these seeds and to settle my nerves down and not have me think I am doing something wrong or might only have one good seed?

Any suggestions on sowing and some of the best/most effective ways.

Thank you all again

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I start all my seeds in a soil-less seed starting mix in solo cups with holes drilled in the bottom. Then I spray them with water and put the tray on a heating pad and lightly cover it with saran wrap. Everything has germinated for me in about week using this method- peppers, tomatoes, etc. I know that when you use a paper towel you have to be very careful when removing it and planting it. I used the paper towel method to test some seeds for germination rate and it took weeks. I bet if you started them in pots you might get a better results. Good luck.

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