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Eggplants are in Season - What are You Doing with Yours?

Ok, so I don't actually grow them however they are in season and picked some up the other day. Surprised the family with it. Here's my recipe:

Cubed the eggplant so there's no skin. Then tossed it in a bowl with olive oil, paella blessac spice (from whole foods), and a couple pinches of dried thyme. Stirred it all up so the eggplant starting absorbing the flavors then sauteed them. My wife was surprised by how good they tasted. Their consistency wasn't at all mushy, but firm. Good stuff.

An alternative to the paella spice is to substitute paprika. I've had success with paprika, chopped (not minced) garlic, and dried thyme.

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sliced mine up. lil olive oil and garlic salt in the frying pan. then topped them with some fresh parmeasan nothin fancy.

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Deep fried, baby :D

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Sounds good! Will surely try this one. Thanks!

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The Italian ones also make great sex toys...just sayin'.

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