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Dry Indian Corn: harvested now or wait for stalk to dry?

I grew Indian Corn for the first time this year. They're growing nicely and are already starting to dry. For fall decoration, should I cut them and put them in a dry place like the garage (what is the best way to safely store them?) or can they stand out there until Halloween? Should I harvest seed corn for next year now? Some ears are dry and kernels are "dented" inside. We're in a drought right now, but I *think* it usually starts to rain sometime in September... :roll: Also, I'm afraid the squirrels and/or blackbirds might discover them soon :x

Also -- does this mean I sowed the corn seeds too early (I direct seeded in last week of May) this year and should start them later? And if so, how much later? :?:

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You should probably wait until it is dry. If you do choose to pick it a bit earlier, peel the husk back or take it off so the corn will not mold. Have fun, gardening is always a challange.

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