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need advice on making hot sauce

sorry for being redundant.I posted the same question on the introduction page. Newbies jeeez! any way i have an abundance of habaneros as well as red chilies. Can i make hot sauce with these peppers after drying them and what steps to not lose much flavor or heat?thanks for your feedback.

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I just Googled "hot sauce from dried peppers" and got 328,000 hits! :lol:

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I'm not an expert, but I have used dried smoked chilies. I kept them in an airtight container, a Mason Jar with a latch. Anything less and they'll lose their flavor. I had some in a plastic baggy and they weren't as good.

The ones I had were smoked chilies from New Mexico. Mmmmm...

The way I used the dried chilies was to drop them into whatever dish I was cooking and let them simmer for awhile. If you leave them in for a short while they'll impart more of their flavor than their spiciness. Leave them in longer for more spice. Then pull them out and discard.

You can use them in a soup or in a simmer sauce (particularly a tomato based simmer sauce). As for a salsa, I would recommend reconstituting them in warm or simmering water. There is a lot of heat in the seeds, so adding the seeds to a handmade sauce will do the trick, too.

Smoked chilies are out of this world. ;)
If you have the opportunity, you may want to experiment with smoking the chilies with different kinds of wood.

Here's the kind of jar I was referring to:


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