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My Garden Patrol Guys

These guys run around the garden all day long eating grubs and whatever. I hope they eat snails and pill and sow bugs too. Seems like they're constantly munching on something. These striped lizards seem to be most common around here. There is another type that looks like the bark of a pine tree, but I don't see them in the garden much.
I always seem to have some trouble every year with cotyledon bandits. Never know for sure what they are, but they seem to target squash, watermelon, and cuke cotyledons. Once the plants get to the true leaf stage, everything is fine. So, when I saw the damage, I made some paper cutworm collars, sprinkled some corn meal, and sprinkled some Sluggo just to be sure. Then one night toward dusk, I was watering and saw a little mouse come out from under the potato plants right into the squash trench. So, I thought no reason why they might not want the nutrient rich cotyledons too, so set some traps. Anyway, think I'm past the danger stage now.

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Re: My Garden Patrol Guys

Very cool! I have some stripey lizards in my yard too, but not the same ones.

mine are this guy:

garden skink or blue tailed skink
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