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beginner gardener

I have a glorious variant of azelea it has red leaves which are in turn to green leaves and bundles of white flowers. I have noticed something in the leaf brown in colour, it seems to be all over and also in a cherry tree leaf I have as well what can I do to rid it off my plants please, A few years ago I had red spider on my lilies which I managed to get rid of, well at least it did not surface last summer at all. these are the only pests I have had .

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Re: beginner gardener

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

A picture is worth a thousandth words! They are so helpful in helping us help you! :()

Could you post a picture?

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Re: beginner gardener

and please tell us your location and what conditions your azalea is growing in (full sun, part sun, shade, wet, dry)

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