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Help me identify this pest!

Hi! I am new to organic gardening and have noticed as the warm weather is here I have a new pest! These are tiny tiny tiny little brownish/reddish insects (they look like mites) living underneath the soil at the base of my strawberry plants. I have not seen any insects underneath the leaves or on the stems (only underneath the soil). When I stir the soil up they crawl out frantically (and one even up the stem of the plant) and then crawl back underneath. I have not noticed any damage to my strawberry plant except for one or 2 leaves in the past few weeks that have turned purple/red and died. What are these things, how bad are they (there are dozens), and how can I get rid of them organically?! Thanks!

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Re: Help me identify this pest!

They might be tiny, but the fact that they are big enough to see may mean they are red velvet mite nymphs, which are predators and beneficial. I just recently posted a photo of the beautiful adult in its thread a little way down this forum. Where are you located?
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