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Ants trying to nest in indoor plants


I brought in a small banana tree over winter and later on noticed ants were nesting in it. Since it has warmed up the Banana tree is now outside. I flushed it several times with water and it seemed to have encouraged the ants to move on. Now, they are trying to nest in one of my other houseplants and even some tomato starts I have under lights. I tried flushing them again but I am not sure if it is working. I have also been spraying with soapy water too. Any other methods to get rid of the ants? I worry they will chew on the plant's roots. They also make a mess by pushing soil out of the pots.


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Re: Ants trying to nest in indoor plants

They are nearly impossible to get rid of as you've already found out. Ant bait is the best way. I think imfan has a specific recipe.

I just mix borax with sugar and water or juice. If you eat sweetened yogurt, dust inside of empty cup and remaining yogurt with borax.

Go easy on the borax as you don't want to kill them but have them take the borax back to the colony.

I move the bait closer to where they are coming from and wipe down excessive worker ants with soapy water which is all you need to kill them.

If the ants have been in the (tomato, pepper, eggplant, etc.) seedlings, look them over very carefully in case the ants have brought aphids to pasture on your plants.
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