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Problems with winter squash

I'm having some issues with my winter squash and was hoping someone could help me identify what is happening and what to do about it. Please see links to a few photos below: ... nV1S2xfSU0 ... 0JJUzNaOFE ... FFNR3k0NzQ
Thanks for any help in advance!

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Re: Problems with winter squash

Insect damage from some plant-juice sucking insect. Squash bugs or cucumber beetles will leave marks like that on fruit and leaves when they feed .

Try watering the base of the plant thoroughly. Often the beetles will climb up to the top to get away from the water and you can spot them easier.

Check undersides of leaves for squash bug egg clusters like this:



cucumber beetle eggs are similar.
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Re: Problems with winter squash

Squash bugs are the likely culprit. Some varieties of winter squash are less appealing to squash bugs than others. For example, Royal Acorn squash is reputed to be one of the squash bug's least favorite varieties of winter squash.

Selecting a variety of squash that is less appealing to squash bugs may help. Using floating row cover, trap crops or repellent crops such as catnip or marigolds next to your winter squash may also help.

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Re: Problems with winter squash

the last picture may be downy mildew. Check the underside of the leaf. ... Mildew.htm
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